Smoke Detector

You want to make sure that your home stays safe in case of emergency. One of the key items to guarantee this is to have a working smoke detector. We can help with installing a new one in your home as well as replacing one that doesn't seem to be working correctly. Your safety is important and we want to leave you setup correctly. 



You want to make sure that your home entertainment is setup correctly so that after your long day of work, you can relax comfortably. We can ensure that you have enough electricity to support all your devices as well as help with any electrical issues that your devices have been causing.


Surge Protectors

Surge protectors can be the perfect addition to your home to help protect you from power outages. Whenever your power goes out your electrical devices are at risk. Whether you have questions about installation or repair, we can help explain the importance of surge protectors. 


Interior Lighting

Having a well lit home is vital to personal success. Whether you're just looking for basic lighting or something a little more abstract, we can help. We have a lot of experience getting new homes up and going as well as upgrading or replacing lighting in your home. 


Home Theatre

A home theatre can be the perfect upgrade to your home to provide you with extra entertainment. We can help with the installation of a new home theatre as well as helping with any electrical issues that your current home theatre is having. 


Hot Tub/Spa

Nothing is as relaxing as having a nice hot tub or spa for you to relax in to get rejuvenated. You want to be assured that you never have issues with something that is supposed to help stress, not cause it. We can help with the installation or repair to any electrical work for your hot tub/spa. 

Exterior Lighting

Lighting up your outside area is a great way to improve your home. Whether you need a lit up walkway, a bright patio, or just some lighting to help home security, we can help. Whether you are looking for new light installation or to have some current electrical work repaired, we are the team to help. 



The primary function of a GFCI outlet is to detect ground faults. Since ground faults, which occur when the flow of the electrical current leaves a circuit, can cause electrical fires, it is a safe bet to say that GFCI's are a upgrade you should make to your home for safety reasons. We can help upgrade all of the outlets in your home in a timely and efficient manner. 


Specialty Lighting

Looking to add a cool new room to your home. We can help setup blacklights, different colored lighting, or just about any other kind of specialty lighting you are trying to setup in your home. Your home should be exactly how you vision it and we can help set you up.



If you're having trouble with maintaining enough electricity in your home, you may need a generator. It can help give you enough power to keep your home running smoothly as well as help maintain healthy power levels. We can help get you setup with a new generator as well as troubleshoot issues you're having with your current one. 


Security Lighting

Your home security is important to your personal safety. We can help make your property well lit so you can rest assured knowing you are safe every night. We have experience in installation and repairs to outside lighting on your property. 


New Construction

One of the most special moments in your life will be building your dream home. You want to make sure everything is perfect and that includes your electrical situation. We are timely, neat, and professional when it comes to setting you up with electrical work.